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Union Bank of Scotland


Union Bank of Scotland Ltd,
£20, 2nd August 1923.

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This is a Printer's Proof of the dramatic "Sunburst" design.  

The back of the note bears two hand written annotations:

"Back Colour O.K. + Initials + 7/10/24"

"Wording correct for £20. Lay straight as marked + initials + 7.10.24"

These are procedural checks and instructions by the printers relating to the further printing of the notes in 1924.

There are two black "Cancelled" handstamps and two punch holes.

This piece bears a unique record of the history of the note and its production.  Completely marvelous in my view.  However, those who insist on collecting only actual issued notes or only perfect condition notes will probably choose to pass this by.

This means that, quite amazingly, the market value for this proof is lower than that for an actual issued note.  Issued notes are rare but several of them have survived. There cannot be other Printer's Proof that is annotated, initialled and dated in exactly the same manner as this one!

Condition: VF with multiple creases, folds and marks, ink annotations, punch holes, hand stamps, adhesive traces on left edge, piece missing left edge, original deckle edges.

For those who can look at an ugly duckling and see a swan.

Order No. S103 @ £295.


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