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Thomas Cook


Thomas Cook Travellers Cheques

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Thomas Cook first began to use Travellers Cheques in the 1920's.  The £5 Specimen is the type most frequently seen and is your best opportunity to acquire an early Traveller's Cheque.

It is not always recognised that there are two different types:

Type 1. With "(Bankers) Ltd"  below title, signature block consisting of the printed name"Thos. Cook & Son (Bankers) Ltd" and perforated with "Cancelled" .  

Type 2. Without "Bankers"  below title, with signature block consisting of facsimilie signature "Thos. Cook & Son" and without perforations.

When cashed these Travellers Cheques were signed on the back and there is a printed endorsement on the back for this.  The back is the same for both types.

We have just one example of each type to offer:

Type 1 £5 Specimen as illustrated at top
Order No S101 @ £40   

Type 2 £5 Specimen as illustrated at centre
Order No S102 @ £40


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