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Error Cheque


Error Cheque from Westminster Bank

Roger Outing

Created 1st August 2012


Once upon a the late 1960's a bank teller in the Alton Branch of Westminster Bank received an unusual complaint.  A slightly confused and irritated account holder was returning a cheque book which the bank had recently forwarded.  The cheques in this book were apparently "printed all wrong".

The pics to the right show an example (two views) of one of the problem cheques.  It is indeed "all wrong" and it takes a careful examination to unravel what has happened.

The printing of the branch name and address, the sort code and the serial number are all printed upside down! It will also be noted that the perforations which create the counterfoil are on the wrong side.

This is an error cheque and a rare occurrence indeed.

The bank teller took possession of the cheque book from the account holder and arranged for a replacement. He then enquired what to do with this error cheque book.  "Send it to Head Office" was the instruction.  This he duly did but before sending it off he removed a single cheque and retained it for reference purposes. Never again in his banking career did he find or hear of another one.

Hence we have this one surviving example of a Westminster Bank error cheque.


".....he took out a single cheque and
retained it for reference purposes. "

Westminster Bank Error Cheque
Westminster Bank Error Cheque

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