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Provincial Banknotes of England & Wales

The Standard Catalogue of the Provincial Banknotes of England & Wales by Roger Outing
Sorry - All Sold Out!

International Bank Note Society 'Book of the Year' Award 2011.
500+ pages and 800+ colour pics  
Details of all known English banks.
Signed by the author upon request.
£75+£5 postage. Order No C.101

Cheques of Barclays bank

Cheques of Barclays Bank
by Roger Outing

60 pages, 100+ colour pics. Soft cover.
Details of the wide range of cheques used by Barclays since 1896.  All major types illustrated.  Second Edition with latest market values.

£5 + £2 postage. Order No. C.102

English Travellers Cheques

The Standard Catalogue of English Travellers Cheques by Roger Outing

60 pages, 100+ pics, soft cover.
Fully illustrated guide to English travellers cheques. No other source for this info. A world wide First Edition.
£5 + £2 postage. Order No. C.103

Child & Co, London

Child & Co, 1682 to 1762
by Roger Outing

54 pages, 150+ pics, soft cover.
Fascinating review of the hand written cheques of Child & Co. This is how they did it before they started using printed cheque forms. 202 cheques fully described with market values. Historic!

£5 + £2 postage.  Order No. C104

Bank of England cheques

Bank of England Library Cheques
by Roger Outin

0 pages, 100+ pics, soft cover.
Listing of previously unknown Bank of England proof and specimen cheques. Full details including serial nos. and quantities known for each cheque.  No other source for this info.  
£5 + £2 postage. Order No. C.105

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