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Hand Written Serial Number

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In the 1970's even the Bank of England's best friend would perhaps acknowledge that the quality control procedures for bank note production was not always of the highest standard.

Shown left is one outcome - a hand writen serial number!

The Error
A batch of notes would arrive at one of the High Street banks.  Upon examination it would be found that some of them were without numbers. What to do?

The notes could not just be discarded as that would be the equivalent of throwing money away!

The notes could, and perhaps should, have been returned to the Bank of England. Of course that meant extra paper work for a busy bank teller and unwanted administration costs for the bank.

What to do?
It was realised that the numbering sequence for the notes could be completed and financial integrity maintained by merely entering in the missing numbers by hand.  

That's just what the bank staff did, and then released the hand numbered notes upon the unsuspecting public.  By and large the public did not notice and these hand numbered notes circulated unnoticed until withdrawn in the normal course of business.

Of course just a few were spotted and retained.

This practice is only known to have occurred in the 1970's. It is presumed that the Bank of England will have voiced their concerns about this procedure and it does not appear to have been repeated.

One only available.
EF with multiple folds/creases but nice and clean.
Order No.  423 @ £195


"...these hand numbered notes
circulated unnoticed..."


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